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Resources - Creamcare
The Cattle Shed

A multi-purpose room which is designed as a place for people to socialise, meet and have fun. There are weekly events that take place here including the ‘interaction cafe’, social groups and film evenings. The Cattle Shed is also used as a location for staff training and development, meetings and reviews.

Interactive Sensory Room

Our state of the art interactive sensory room includes the ‘magic carpet’ – an innovative interactive floor projection system that enables users to engage with images simply by moving on or over a projected surface. The system encourages user interaction and teaches cause and effect in a fun and imaginative way. The sensory room is fully accessible with use of a hoist and the programmes on the ‘magic carpet’ can be personalised to help develop person centred activities for those using it.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our full sized, fully equipped, multi-sensory hydrotherapy pool is located in Taunton amongst a collection of homes. The warm water of the hydrotherapy pool helps muscle relaxation. The pool also includes sensory lights, underwater Jacuzzi jets, a music system and full hoist facilities which makes it fully accessible to all.
All of the people we support have exclusive use of this amazing facility, supported by a full time lifeguard the users are offered the opportunity to have a therapeutic activity in a calm relaxing environment.
Bespoke physiotherapy plans are also developed for people by the consultant physiotherapist retained by Cream, maximising the therapeutic and health benefits of the hydrotherapy pool.