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Located in the South West of England, Cream Care provides bespoke Residential and Supported Living provision for people with a range of complex needs, including profound physical disabilities and learning disabilities.


At its simplest, the ethos of Cream Care is one of kindness. The founders of Cream Care believe that with this principle always at the heart of what we do, outstanding quality care and support will be the outcome. The culture of Cream Care is based on a shared set of values; Compassion, honesty, personal integrity and respect for all.


Our aim is to provide flexible, responsive, person centred support based on the principles of Active Support, enabling independence and autonomy.

The core approach is that of valuing people, striving to support, guide and nurture people whilst respecting their personal wishes, needs and aspirations.

A drawn map of our homes.

We recognise the need to constantly seek to improve standards insisting on uncompromising care delivery.  We expect all of our carers to have a gentle attitude. Carers are then fully supported with opportunities to further develop and enhance their skills through training and the sharing of good practice.


Established in 2006, the aim of Cream Care has been to provide opportunity for development and growth, overcoming barriers in order to support people to realise their goals, wishes and aspirations.

We achieve this by putting the person at the centre of the planning process, working with them and their representatives to deliver the care and support that is right for them. We recognise that we are privileged to be trusted enablers and advocates for people whose voices and choices have not always recognised.

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