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Referrals are welcomed from both privately funded and commissioned care. The referrals team will undertake a thorough assessment to ensure that the service is able to meet individual needs and to agree the care programme with the person and / or their representatives and circle of support.

The referrals and assessment team will support the person in identifying accommodation that is suited to them and their individual needs. They will assist this process by providing a Service User Guide and information about the home or service, which is transparent and accessible.

Prior to moving in, a transition process will be agreed so that relationships can be established, ensuring as smooth and comfortable a transition as possible.


Initial Contact

When contacting us, it is really helpful for you to provide us with some initial information, such as a description of support needs, and your life wants and wishes.

This will help us determine if we have suitable support arrangements available for you. 

You can contact us over the phone or the form below. 


Meet With Us

Meet us either Face to Face or over Video Call.

Our aim of this meeting is to give you a feel for who we are as an organisation, our ethos and values, and the type of care that we deliver.

If appropriate following this, the process for an assessment can begin.


The Next Steps

Following an assessment we will put together a description of how we can meet your care arrangements. Consultation will take place with you, your advocate/ representative and commissioning authority to agree your care package.

Arrangements can then be made for the transition process, leading up to your move in date. 

Contact Details

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