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Guidance Notes on Completing Your Application Form

These notes have been included to help you submit the best application. The decision to shortlist you for interview will be based on the information you provide on this application form

Read through each section of the application form carefully. 

· The employment history section must be completed in full and all gaps in employment fully explained. You

must provide details of position held, month/year of employment and the reasons for leaving.

· The person specification describes the essential skills, knowledge, experience / professional qualifications

which you will need in order to do the job as described in the job description. Your completed application form should demonstrate that you have these skills and that you understand and are committed to equal


· The first referee quoted on the form should be your current or most recent manager /employer. The second

referee should be another line manager from your most previous employment. If you have not been employed,

or have been out of employment for a period of time, you may wish to give the name of anyone who knows

you sufficiently well in a professional or training / education capacity to confirm the information you have

given, and to comment on your ability to do the job. If it is deemed the referees provided are not adequate

then further references could be sought.

· The “Relevant Experience/Additional Information” section of this application form is very important. This is

where you make your case for the position. Examine the skills and experience being asked for and provide

evidence by giving specific examples that you possess those RELEVANT to do the job.

· Give thought to previous work experience or other responsibilities that may assist you to uncover skills that

you may have taken for granted. Do not forget the skills and experience that you may have gained outside full-time work. If you have been out of paid employment for a long time, or have never been employed before,

your job history may be less important than some of the responsibilities and experience that you have had

more recently. For example, you may have considerable domestic responsibilities or may organise social or

community activities in your spare time.

· When completed, please read through your application form carefully, checking for errors or omissions. Make certain your application form is sent in plenty of time, to reach us prior to the closing date.

· If you have a disability and require assistance when attending an interview please give brief details on the

application form.

· CVs will only be accepted in addition to a fully completed application form.

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