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Wilton House opened in 2011, offering a superb location neighbouring Vivary Park. The home is well positioned with ease of access to the town’s high street and all the facilities and opportunities that Taunton has to offer.


On the ground floor there are six bedrooms, three bedrooms on the first floor and three bedrooms on the top floor accessed via the lift. All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with ceiling tracking hoists where required. This beautiful country home benefits from large dining and lounge areas as well as a light and airy garden room, opening out onto the lawns and garden. A spacious and well-equipped sensory room provides opportunities for sensory immersion as well as space for people to relax and participate in therapeutic activities.


Proximity to the town enables people to participate as fully as they would like in their local community, as well as being only a short walk away from the therapeutic resources available on our Longrun site, including full sized Hydrotherapy-pool.

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