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Employment Application Form
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Please note; CVs will only be accepted in addition to a fully completed application form

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Formal Education

Please list;
- Name and location of School/ College
- Subjects Studied and Results Obtained
- Year Obtained

Further/ Higher Education, Training & Qualifications

Please list;
- Name and location of college/ university/ other educational body
- Course of Study and Qualification gained
- Year Qualification was Obtained

Full Employment History

Gaps in Employment History

Please list;
- Dates of gap (from and to, month & year)
- Reason for Gap in Employment

Do you have to give notice to your current employer?

Relevant Experience/ Additional Information

Give details of any additional information which you would like to include in support of your application. Such information, for example, may include skills, training, qualifications and/or achievements which you think may be of interest, and/or a summary of why you believe that you have the qualities we are looking for. Please also provide details of any relatives employed by the Company and their relationship to you.


One of the Referees should be your current employer, or if presently unemployed or self-employed, your last employer. All references must go to a company postal or email address. Home and personal addresses are not accepted.

References are normally taken up after a successful interview. Please give details of the names/addresses of two work-related Referees. In line with our safe recruitment practices, in circumstances where a reference is not obtained, is unacceptable or we are required to explore your employment history further, then we will reference any previous employer detailed in your application.

Please list for each referee;
- Name
, address and postcode

- Telephone number

- Relationship to you

May we make contact with your current/ most recent employer now?
May we make contact with your second referee now?

Please note references will be contacted if an offer of employment is accepted.

Driver's Licence

Do you hold a valid & current driving licence and are you able to drive lawfully in Great Britain?
Do you have any current endorsements on your licence?

Previous Convictions and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

All posts at Cream are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 due to the nature of the work we do (i.e. working with vulnerable adults) and the fact that every post requires employees in the normal course of their duties to have access to vulnerable adults.


An Enhanced Disclosure Certificate will be requested from The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which will detail all convictions, including those which would otherwise be “spent” under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, as well as details of unspent cautions, reprimands or warnings.


You will be advised of the type of certificate being requested and asked to give your approval to this application. The Disclosure Certificate will only be requested in the event that you are successful in your application for employment.


Applicants must therefore disclose all convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings, whether spent or unspent. Please note that having a conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment with Cream. This will depend on the circumstances and background to your offence(s).

Do you have any criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings to disclose?

If yes, please protect the confidentiality of this information by detailing these convictions on a separate document. Please mark this documents with "Your Full Name - Criminal Convictions"

Upload File
Do you require any reasonable adjustments due to a disability in order to engage in the recruitment process?

Personal Declaration

· I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the above information, and that submitted in any

accompanying documents, is accurate, complete and true;


· I understand and agree that should an offer of employment be made, I will be required to provide evidence of

my eligibility to work in the United Kingdom before my employment commences;


· I understand that by completing this application form I have agreed to commit and adhere to the working

patterns assigned to me without restrictions.


· I understand and agree that my appointment will be subject to the verification of the information provided on

this form and in any accompanying documents and I give permission for any enquiries to be made that confirm

such matters, and for the release by other people or organisations of such information as may be necessary for

that purpose;


· I authorise Cream to obtain appropriate levels of disclosure and barring service checks during my employment

and to disclose the information obtained to appropriate staff.


· I give permission for the processing of the personal data contained in this form for employment purposes;


· I understand that if any information I have given in this application is found to be false or misleading or if I omit

or suppress and material facts, this will result in any job offer being withdrawn, or in my dismissal if I have

already been appointed.

Thank you for your application!

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